Michigan first

FCC has a dedicated investment strategy leveraging their financial strengths, vision and ability to grow new businesses outside of Michigan’s core automotive industry. FCC has earned not only respect as a market leader in the development of Michigan key growth industries, but has consistently received superior ratings from Dun & Bradstreet, which placed FCC in the top two percent of the companies in the United States.

Our goal is to continually improve existing businesses & build new ones...

By acquiring new properties and opening new markets for potential growth, FCC continues with its proven plan of investing in successful businesses as well as providing funding for businesses that are unable to obtain funding through traditional banking methods.

Our challenge is to be stronger and better...

In view of the quickly changing economy in the state of Michigan, FCC offers options for economic growth that is not dependant upon one market, but diversifies into other areas, strengthening the economy by investing in Michigan’s greatest resource, its people.

Our future is brighter than ever...

FCC has a unique combination of financial strength, vision and ability to grow new businesses in new markets. Our qualified team of professionals has a proven track record of formulating new business ideas, identifying a market for them and establishing them to become marketplace leaders.

Our experienced personnel are available to offer suggestions as to how we can serve your business needs call 800-624-5577